how i quit crack - wickedgame

bone is bloodstone - la vampires + zola jesus

gatekeeper - slow walk

mater suspiria vision - ritualz of the crack witches

the only way to stop the possession is to watch the video in reverse or send a link to seven other victims.

if your eyebrows aren’t black, it doesn’t matter. use the black.

tha goth jungle will return in late 2014, bringing you many more 90s/alt/goth/rave gems from the distant past and near future. tha jungle has relocated to the bay area.

jarboe - mahakali, of terrifying countenance

i managed to stop the spiral by willpower, and swirl it in the opposite direction.

lords of acid - the power is mine

whale - hobo humpin slobo babe

justine frischmann + donna matthews. 

sean yseult. 

welcome to tha goth jungle. 

welcome to tha goth jungle. 

donita sparks.